Aqua Spin is the latest craze coming to Roscommon Leisure Centre. Aqua Spin is an innovative new way to exercise which offers participants some real physical benefits. Stationary bikes are submerged into the pool, sitting waist deep in the water, you pedal against the natural resistance of the water creating a full body workout.



Shallow Water HIIT

Is a 40-minute High-Intensity Interval Training class. Aqua aerobics is one of the most effective ways to get fit, lose weight, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. When we are in the water, we have freedom of movement and increased range of movement at our joints due to buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, it is very beneficial for those people who suffer from arthritis or ROM problems.

Aqua aerobics is a safe low-impact fun form of exercise which can cater for all levels at the same time, from the de-conditioned to the very fit. It is all about the force we apply to the movement therefore, everyone can work out at their own fitness levels and the teacher will provide options for those people who need an easier version of that movement. Research shows if we have correct alignment while traveling through the water our abdominals are engaged therefore the resistance in the water provides functional core abdominal training throughout the class. In other words, we can gain abdominal strength without having to focus on those muscles.


Monday’s at 8.15 pm
€8 per class
Free to Members

Deep Water HIIT

Is a 40-minute High-Intensity Interval Training class. As you submerge yourself into the deep end of a pool for a water fitness workout your body becomes nearly weightless, giving you a new kind of workout challenge. While deep water aerobics has a low impact on your joints, it has a high impact on your cardiovascular system, improving your overall health and fitness and aiding weight loss and maintenance. You may wear a flotation belt for support in the deep water or rely on your own ability to float as you perform deep water aerobics routines.


Wednesday’s at 8.15 pm
€8 per class
Free to Members

Deep Water Aqua Running

Deep water running is an exciting aqua activity that is done in swimming pools in a controlled water environment. It simulates the running posture and action in the water, up to neck deep with the rest of the lower body submerged. However, the depth of the water level should be at a level that the feet don’t touch the bottom. Flotation aids, buoyancy suits and aqua-jogging belts along with other floating supports allow a person to float and run. Though less distance is travelled in this way, the main purpose here is the workout. So, in short, head above, lower body below, flotation aids in place and running – is the act of deep water running. Here are five (5) benefits of deep water running –

1. Lower impact on body: Water is denser than air and the buoyancy of water reduced the pressure impact on the body. This allows to do stretching, toning, cardio, strength building and other healthy workouts without putting stress and strain on the bones, joints, tissues and ligaments. This results in fewer injuries and sprains.

2. Time and duration: Thanks to the reduced stress and strain, now people are able to exercise for a longer period of time than they would be able to do on land. This also allows them to take on more difficult forms of exercises with tougher intervals alongside shortening the recovery time between exercises.

3. A Haven for injured people: Most of the people join water exercise clubs in groups. Many of these people who come in groups are people who are recovering from injuries. People from various occupations who have suffered injuries come to deep water running clubs because it helps them to recover from injuries while still doing workouts. Since it is a non-weight-bearing exercise, it is highly recommended by physicians, physiotherapists as an effective rehabilitation method. It helps to recover from stress fractures, torn ligaments, and other common injuries. People with spine pain, lower back pain and other symptoms who are unable to do traditional exercises, walking or jogging; get the scope to do the workout without the issues with deep water running.

4. More calorie burned: Due to the resistance and added density of water, a session of workout done in water leads to more calories burned compared to the same exercise done on land. For example, 30 minutes jogging on land burns around 200 calories whereas the same effort in aqua jogging will burn an extra 150 calories, which in total is 350 calories and almost equals to double of land jogging.

5. Space convenience: Doing workouts and various forms of exercises on land requires more space, running and jogging. That’s not the case for deep water running. As long as the depth is good enough not to touch the bottom with the feet, it’s all good to go. Deep water running and other forms of aqua-based exercises do not require much space. The most common and prominent spot for doing this is the swimming pool.

With all these benefits, deep water running is an excellent choice for doing workouts in a fun way without having to deal with joint or back pain or any other strain. It provides the opportunity to do more with less while having a group to cheer-up and support during this fun activity. Deepwater running is highly recommended for everyone, so without having double thoughts, go out there and plunge in.


currently not available
price €2 members/non members €6


All classes must be pre-booked from Monday’s at 9:30 am

Payment on Booking. Payment non-refundable