“Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment for everybody”.

The overall aim of Roscommon Leisure Centres disability program is to increase the physically activity level of people who have disabilities and to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.


RLC operates a policy of total inclusion and incorporates the principle of equal treatment into all aspects of service of delivery.


We are committed to providing the very best of service in all areas.


Building Exterior
  • 6 designated disabled parking spaces are provided adjacent to the main entrance
  • Access ramp from carpark to main entrance
  • Tactile and dropped kerbs on approach to the leisure centre
  • Handrails on both side of the access ramp
  • Exterior lighting provided
Reception area
  • Push button accessible door at the entrance
  • Lowered reception desk to facilitate communication
  • Accessible gate at reception
  • Lift access from reception foyer to the first floor
  • Brightly lit area for clarity of vision
  • Disabled toilet facilities in reception foyer with emergency alarms
  • Wheelchair available at reception
Changing areas
  • 2 Disabled changing rooms
  • Emergency alarms provided in toilets
  • Mobile shower chairs available
  • Wheelchair-accessible lockers are provided
Pool Area
  • Hoist available
  • Slopped ladder access into pool at shallow end
  • Spectator area is accessible
  • Access to our sauna and steam rooms which are both wheelchair accessible
Gym Area
  • Fire Evacuation Chairs
  • Brightly lit zoned area for clarity of vision
  • Wheelchair access throughout the gym
  • Ramp for accessing equipment
  • Cable Crossover
  • Free Weights

In 2017 5 of the RLC staff completed a course in Inclusive Fitness Training. In August of this year 2019 we have registered 11 staff to complete the same training also


Disability Liaison Officers

Sharon Ryan & Sharon O’Connor