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Summer Camps

We have 3 summer camps for you to choose from. Our camps take place Monday-Friday  from 9:30am-3pm for children between 6yrs and 11yrs of age. Camps are designed to cater for children of all abilities and interests. Our qualified staff ensures that your child has a safe, fun environment to enjoy themselves in and we guarantee a fun-filled experience with various activities included. Children have 1 hour of pool fun each day with our NEW 18m Double Trouble Pool Inflatable.

  • Summer Camps will be available during July & August, contact us for more information.


The 18m Double Trouble is an absolutely striking pool inflatable. This outstanding dual lane aqua run obstacle is guaranteed an eye-catching showstopper. The 18m Double Trouble starts with a bigplatform and giant wrecking ball which players need to squirm around – 1 going left & 1 going right – both of which can try to push the other into the water. Next comes the quadruple horizontal totems which are difficult to push against. If you are not careful and don’t pay them respect, they are sure to swing back at you and force you to ditch in the water. The upside-down cone is next and hugging your way round this slippery thing is not easy. If you’ve got this far it is the final wrecking ball and a last chance to push your opponent out of the race to the final climb and slide. Good luck, this is really good fun!



Standard Pool Rules Still Apply As Well As Additional Rules Below:

  • Users must be 5+ years
  • Non-Swimmers must wear a life jacket with adequate buoyancy for speed landing (noarmbands)
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn including a swim hat
  • No jewellery
  • No carrying objects including children
  • Users must form an orderly queue
  • No queue jumping/no helping on by lifeguard
  • No reckless/careless/boisterous behaviour
  • Wristbands must be worn to permit use
  • Walk onto inflatable
  • Only two users per go and in a forward motion
  • If you fall off exit the water immediately on side of fall
  • Feet first down slide
  • No sitting/no waiting on slide/no diving off
  • No holding onto or pulling ropes
  • No swimming under inflatable
  • Exit the fall area to the right
  • No persons to inhabit the fall zone area
  • No persons permitted to wait in the water beside the inflatable

Days & Times: Sundays 2-4pm

**(Extra Days and Times will be added during School Holiday periods)

Birthday Parties

Why not have your child’s birthday party here at Roscommon Leisure Centre????

  • 1.5 Hours of Pool Fun with Pool Inflatable & Floats/Toys
  • Area available for Party food (supplied by us)
  • Available Sundays 2-4pm (Extra dates available during school holidays)
  • €15 per child
  • Fully Supervised